Previous participants have come from..

  "In one short week:  I made deep connections, I laughed until I cried, I was inspired, my passions were re-ignited, I star-gazed, I learned how better to believe in myself, I let my guard down, I was driven to tears, I was shaken up, thrown in the deep-end and most of all: I learned how better to love, both myself and others. Love existed in abundance at HLSS. The nurturing environment promotes the healing wounds we never even knew existed. HLSS brought me closer to truly loving and understanding myself. This is vital in any desire to radiate compassion and promote the holistic healing of others."« - Aneeka Domingo, South-African medical student and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Western Cape, South-Africa 2015   


"I believe that HLS is providing the opportunity for future healthcare professionals to see the possibilities of what medical healthcare can be. It also brings students back to their initial and foundational desire to better the lives of others. Throughout the stress and frequent discouragement that can be inherently present in our respective training programs, I believe it is easy for us to lose sight of why we entered this process in the first place. HLSS is a safe place to rejuvenate our original excitement but also understand that we are not alone. It is necessary to be surrounded my other supportive humans in this journey we call life. Medical education and the profession is no different. I believe inner inspiration will get you far in life, but working alongside like-minded individuals gives you the strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles." « - Katelynn Bachman, U.S.A. medical student and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Geres, Portugal 2015   


"I have taken part in workshops designed to challenge our understanding of who we are by means of self-reflection, broaden our perspective of the mind-body connection and its role in self-care and the care of others, as well as to empower change within our local and global community networks. The implications for the future are yet to manifest; however, I can say with a stronger sense of self and belief that we have become truer to ourselves and 'worth listening to." « - Martin Maroue, final year medical student in Ireland at the Healthcare Leadership School in Geres, Portugal, 2015   


"What could I, as one individual, do to change the whole world? Since I am more of a scientist than a doctor, I prefer results that are measurable. So how would one ever be capable of measuring this on a world scale? What does 'the world' mean? The only world I can say something about is my world. And thus, the only way to change the world, is to change the worlds of the individuals you encounter. The point of this whole story is; you all changed my world. You have turned my world upside down, and even though it scares me to hell, I have never been more alive. This was, before I got on the plane, what being enlightened was for me. You have given me the power of wholeness. I feel indestructible and ready for whatever life is going to give me. I have been on this earth for 23 years now, but the summer school was like the birth of the real me; since then I started living." « - Marjanne Luinstra, Dutch healthcare student and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Western Cape, South-Africa 2015  



"HLS contributes to a sustainable healthcare system by mapping out the tools, strengths and potential courses of action that a provider can use to give them a true sense of learning to lead, from wherever they are, and from within whatever system of healthcare they find themselves. This starts from seeking the sustainability within each one of us, which starts with self-love, deep listening, and development of our greatest gifts of compassion in order to build a healthcare infrastructure that is unified rather than divided." « Amy Coleman, American medical doctor and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Geres, Portugal 2015  

"I believe any human must feel the duty to offer a better healthcare service. It breaks my heart to hear that the basic goals behind being a doctor no longer exist. I hope to provide those children and their families the right they deserve. HLS celebrate the essence of healthcare. It calls for people to care. If we were to teach those principles as a part of every educational system, I imagine the human race standing at a much better place; where physicians will seek to serve humanity and not enslave humans. Knowledge is a gift that one must use wisely. I once promised to offer the patients the most that I can possibly give, and to protect their right of receiving the service they deserve. Every minute I spend with the patient I seek to deliver my compassion to them before delivering any medical treatment. Most often it's a simple smile that offer the greatest comfort." « Qais Dirar, Sudanese medical student and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Austerlitz, The Netherlands 2013 




"I want to help people in healthcare to look at things differently. To not say "This how we've always done it, so this is how we'll do it". Change can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be. Let's get un-stuck!"  « Joost Brillenmans, trainer and facilitator at the Healthcare Leadership School in Austerlitz, The Netherlands 2012/2013 and in Western Cape, South Africa in 2015 



"It's this place where you come together, no matter where you're from or what you're doing, and you find that you actually share a vision with people. People you didn't know before and that come from the other side of the world.. It's like coming home to a place you didn't even know existed. That's amazing." « Eline Postma, Thai-Dutch Marine Biologist and videographer at the Healthcare Leadership School in Austerlitz, The Netherlands 2013 

"HLS made me want to be a physician who can not only carry on the duty to heal the wounded physically and psychologically, but who can also build confidence of recovery to him or her as well as to his or her family. It made me aspire to be a physician with the ability to turn the fear present in all patients into optimism and hope towards the future. In other words, HLS revolutionized from the inside out the way I have always considered medicine and healthcare. I can say now that I am looking to be a doctor who can bring deep empathy, compassion and understanding to communicate the healing force to people in their most difficult times and vulnerable states and thus help alleviate their pain when it is too painful to bear and provide the light of comfort in gurgling fear. After all, this is the same process to also help ourselves: It is a double personal path of flourishing! « Balkiss Abdelmoula, Tunisian medical student and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Austerlitz, The Netherlands 2012 


"HLS gave me hope. It was pure magic to be in a place where inspirational people gathered together and poured out their dreams, aspirations, frustrations and challenges. It's the place I examined a lot of my beliefs and actions and came back stronger than ever - believing in myself, in medicine and in the world. Hope, trust and love. This is what I received and hopefully I have given back." « Iulian Novac, Romanian medical doctor and participant at the Healthcare Leadership School in Austerlitz, The Netherlands 2012