Healthcare Leadership School - Louisville

Join us on this rural experience on a personal journey towards changing healthcare!

The Healthcare Leadership School is an international platform for personal leadership of students from all aspects of the healthcare system – future physicians, social workers, public health workers and nurses, medical students, doctors and other professionals in healthcare. During a short week, you as a participant will participate in a variety of engaging media - interactive lectures, dialogues, visualizations, reflections, philosophy sessions, physical activities, and experiences – all geared towards changing the healthcare system one student at a time. Throughout six days we will be focusing first on personal development and interdependence as a global healthcare system, secondly on exploring the concept of holistic health, and lastly on developing skills necessary to be an effective societal leader. The school welcomes 54 students from all over the world to come to beautiful, rural Kentucky. 


are you a healthcare worker who is passionate about improving healthcare? Do you believe change comes from within, and are you willing to enact the change you envision? Then sign up for the Healthcare Leadership School 2017! The program will take place in Kentucky, from June 11-18. Applications have closed for international applicants. Domestic applicants can still APPLY until the 15th of March 2017. We hope to see you in Kentucky!

In summary:

What: 6 day international healthcare leadership program 

How:  APPLY HERE (USA applicants only) before the 15th of March 2017

When: June 11-18 2017 

Where: All Saints Camp, Leitchfield, KY 

Costs: Students $500, professionals $650

Information: or join our facebookgroup