Louisville, USA 

From June 10-18 2017 the fifth Healthcare Leadership School took place in Louisville (USA). 26 individuals, representing seven countries, 11 different health care professions and spanning five generations gathered for a week of interactive lectures, dialogues, reflections and sharing of experiences. This Healthcare Leadership School edition was a special one because of its initiation by previous participants and its collaboration between different organizations, including the University of Louisville Medical School and The Charter of Compassion. 


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'More Compassion Equals Better Health Care' by Melinda Ruberg


'Youth leaders inspire a compassionate healthcare future at North America's First Healthcare Leadership School' by Compassionate Louisville


Meet the team

'I believe that the only way positive change in any system can happen is when people come together across roles and cultures to learn from one another. For me, there is nothing like the power and profundity of what comes from a group of humans pouring all of who they are into making a difference, starting with themselves. Nowhere is that needed more than our health system, both globally and locally. I'm proud to be part of HLS because I know that what we do in October has the potential to change not just individual lives, but eventually whole communities. And we get to be part of it!'




'I believe that the process of healing a person is incomplete without compassion. As I further my medical training I see more and more that our healthcare system indirectly discourages genuinely compassionate care and, at its worst, actively works to extinguish the compassion in providers. I am involved with HLS because I want to help bridge the widening gap between modern medicine and holistic health, to reconnect providers with the passion that originally motivated them to pursue healthcare: the compassion that inspires them to heal, body and soul, those who need healing.'