Healthcare Leadership School 

The Healthcare Leadership School is a week where medical students, young doctors and social entrepreneurs are offered a platform for personal development. We believe that sustainable change can only be achieved when it comes from inside out, and when people in healthcare truly embody the change that we wish to see.

Participants from all over the world come together, share stories, share their passion and dreams, attend interactive peer-education sessions and learn how to create sustainable change. The summerschool offers them tools and inspiration to be pro- active, conscious and compassionate as a (future) healthcare worker. From 2012 to 2017 5 editions of Healthcare Leadership schools have taken place all over the world. Our next edition will take place in the spring of 2018 in Ouarzazate, Morocco. More information will follow soon. 


  • To make participants aware of their own identity and potential as an individual and as part of this generation of young leaders.
  • To make participants aware of their future role as key figures in their societies.
  • To broaden participants’ perspective on the mind-body connection and its role in medicine.
  • To teach participants about compassion in the healthcare environment.
  • To give medical students skills in change management, productivity and synergy.
  • To expose medical students to the scale of different healthcare change organizations and models.
  • To create a community of medical students sharing a vision on healthcare.
  • To give participants access to a community of mentors, role models, healthcare experts and networks

The Netherlands 2013

South Africa 2015